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6 jan 2024 om 21:07 Original ETA was 40-50mins, but it ended up taking 1.5 hours to arrive. Most of the food was almost cold by the time we got it. The quality of the food was average.
28 okt 2023 om 18:14 First time ordering here. Portions were extremely small, too expensive, and my dish was missing one of the two premier ingredients. They did offer a 10% discount with my next order, but I won't be ordering there ever again, because it was so bad.
28 aug 2023 om 15:09 It took a long time until the burger, fries and brownie were delivered. I wasn't impressed by the quality of the food at all (weird fries, the burger was.. not tasteful, the taste of orange on this brownie..). I don't think I will order here again.
21 jul 2023 om 20:05 Shockingly small portions. Dishes stacked on top of one another with only foil as a lid so most of the sauce is on the foil not the dish. Satay bowl had different ingredients to what was stated. Beans, corn and mushrooms which I wouldn't have ordered
22 jun 2023 om 20:02 Salmon Poké bowl was nogal weinig en niet speciaal voor het geld wat je betaald. Ik bestel het niet meer.
13 jun 2023 om 0:02 The food did not sit good with us. One of us had to vomit. The food didnt look good and was to expensive for the basic ingredients ! not at all satisfied 1/10
9 dec 2022 om 22:47 Great vegan food and arrived on time.
8 aug 2022 om 20:41 Good food, decent delivery time.
18 mrt 2022 om 9:07 It was the third time, I’ve ordered food from them, and it was really good!!
8 mrt 2022 om 13:16 A little tasteless, but ok for barely any other vegan options on this site.
4 mrt 2022 om 5:00 Faaaaavorite vegan burgers!!!!